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Diseases Associated With Fleas

Fleas can cause some of the following in your pet.

-Flea allergies – itchiness, redness, rash, hair loss etc.

-Tapeworms – due to ingesting fleas during grooming.

-Flea Bite Anemia – As fleas feed on your pets skin they suck blood from the body. A large number of fleas or fleas present for a long period of time can end up causing anemia.

-Mycoplasma (Feline Infectious Anemia) – Another condition contracted from fleas that can cause severe anemia by infecting red blood cells.

Fleas are not only a nuisance, they can cause severe diseases that affect your pets health and quality of life. Monthly flea prevention, every month, with a good flea product is essential to reducing the chance of your pet being affected by these significant diseases.

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Treatment Tips (After Fleas Are Found)

Tips on treating your pet and the environment to help rid fleas once they have been discovered.

Basics of treatment –

  • Flea prevention for ALL pets in and around the house with a reputable product
  • Treating the inside of the house appropriately
    • This may mean; sweeping thoroughly, washing pet beds and linens, using carpet shampoos/sprays, and/or hiring a professional exterminator.
  • Treating your outside environment
    • This may mean; treating the lawn/flower beds, discouraging feral cats from entering your yard, and/or hiring a professional exterminator

All of the above 3 steps are necessary in cleaning up a flea infestation. Any one method by itself will result in a failure for you to control fleas, and your pet will continue to suffer from flea bites and associated issues...


Prevention Tips

Prevention Tips

Your pet deserves to live a parasite-free life, and prevention is much easier and healthier than treatment.

Every month (even cooler months) use a reputable flea prevention product. This “day and age” you get what you pay for. If your flea prevention products comes from a “Big Box Store” and 3 months costs the same amount as 1 month of a well-known product, then it’s not going to work well...


Products We Carry In The Clinic

Flea products we carry in the clinic


Oral: Trifexis (includes heart worm prev.), Comfortis, Sentinel (includes heart worm prev.)

Topical: Vectra, Frontline Tritak, Certifect


Oral: Comfortis

Topical: Vectra 3D, Revolution (includes heart worm prev.), Frontline Tritak

We will provide support for any product purchased at our clinic. We are unable to refund, return, or otherwise guarantee a product that was purchased at another store, or online. If you have an issue with the product purchased through us please call our staff to discuss your concern further. If you are concerned the product is ineffective, please first read through the other flea prevention and treatment information on our website to work through any possible complicating factors.

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