Treatment Tips (After Fleas Are Found)

Tips on treating your pet and the environment to help rid fleas once they have been discovered.

Basics of treatment –

  • Flea prevention for ALL pets in and around the house with a reputable product
  • Treating the inside of the house appropriately
    • This may mean; sweeping thoroughly, washing pet beds and linens, using carpet shampoos/sprays, and/or hiring a professional exterminator.
  • Treating your outside environment
    • This may mean; treating the lawn/flower beds, discouraging feral cats from entering your yard, and/or hiring a professional exterminator

All of the above 3 steps are necessary in cleaning up a flea infestation. Any one method by itself will result in a failure for you to control fleas, and your pet will continue to suffer from flea bites and associated issues. You may be battling fleas for a few months in a row as eggs can hatch several months after originally being deposited in the environment. If you have any further questions, please call our staff.

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