Category Yearly Wellness/Prevention Recommendations

Special Diagnostics/ Procedures

Additional diagnostics/procedures   Determined specifically for your pet, based on their needs. Intervals vary based on doctors’ recommendations.

  • Monitoring blood work (for long term medications such as NSAID’s, Thyroid, Phenobarbital etc.)
  • Orastrip point-of-care testing (for oral disease)
  • Dental cleaning procedure (see the dental section)
  • Cold Laser or Chiropractic adjustments – for certain arthritic conditions
  • Blood glucose curve testing for diabetic pets
  • Urine testing/monitoring for pets with urinary tract disorders
  • X-rays for monitoring chronic diseases (i.e. Arthritis, dental issues, cancer screening)

The Value Of Screening Blood Work

Provided below is some useful information to briefly explain the importance of routine blood work

  • Roughly 20% of outwardly healthy animals have an abnormality on routine blood work
  • The kidney enzymes are elevated on blood work only after 75% of the renal tissue is permanently damaged
  • Blood work values provide insight to how well your pet’s organs are functioning
    • These include the kidney, liver, thyroid, adrenal glands and bone marrow
  • Blood work may allow us to catch diseases early in the disease process. This can enable us to institute therapy to help reduce further organ damage and reduce the impact on your pet’s overall health
  • Early disease detection is key – It is cheaper and easier to preventserious diseases than it is to treat them
  • Performing blood work now allows us to have a...