Products We Carry In The Clinic

Flea products we carry in the clinic


Oral: Trifexis (includes heart worm prev.), Comfortis, Sentinel (includes heart worm prev.)

Topical: Vectra, Frontline Tritak, Certifect


Oral: Comfortis

Topical: Vectra 3D, Revolution (includes heart worm prev.), Frontline Tritak

We will provide support for any product purchased at our clinic. We are unable to refund, return, or otherwise guarantee a product that was purchased at another store, or online. If you have an issue with the product purchased through us please call our staff to discuss your concern further. If you are concerned the product is ineffective, please first read through the other flea prevention and treatment information on our website to work through any possible complicating factors.

We do encourage purchasing your choice of flea and heart worm prevention at our clinic for the following reasons;

– we will provide in-person recommendations based on your specific needs

– products purchased online may not have been handled properly during shipment/delivery – thus affecting their safety and effectiveness

– we can not provide support for products purchased online (such as returns, side effects etc)

– certain products such as Trifexis/Comfortis will not be authorized through online retailers, because Elanco (the company that makes these products) has advised veterinarians not to do so. The Elanco company is fighting against so called “grey-market” sales via their “track and trace” product labeling, and does not directly sell to online stores. This means that the online stores are acquiring these products in a “grey-market” fashion (ie, not illegally, but unethically), and the company is trying to combat this activity. Please let us know if you have further questions about this policy.

We thank you for supporting local businesses as this fosters growth of the community and neighborhood more-so than buying from large corporations or online. We take great pride in being part of the Charlotte community and want to continue to provide you and your pet with high quality services for years to come.

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