Diseases Associated With Fleas

Fleas can cause some of the following in your pet.

-Flea allergies – itchiness, redness, rash, hair loss etc.

-Tapeworms – due to ingesting fleas during grooming.

-Flea Bite Anemia – As fleas feed on your pets skin they suck blood from the body. A large number of fleas or fleas present for a long period of time can end up causing anemia.

-Mycoplasma (Feline Infectious Anemia) – Another condition contracted from fleas that can cause severe anemia by infecting red blood cells.

Fleas are not only a nuisance, they can cause severe diseases that affect your pets health and quality of life. Monthly flea prevention, every month, with a good flea product is essential to reducing the chance of your pet being affected by these significant diseases.

Please read through the other sections of this area for more information about how to prevent and treat for fleas.

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