Prevention Tips

Prevention Tips

Your pet deserves to live a parasite-free life, and prevention is much easier and healthier than treatment.

Every month (even cooler months) use a reputable flea prevention product. This “day and age” you get what you pay for. If your flea prevention products comes from a “Big Box Store” and 3 months costs the same amount as 1 month of a well-known product, then it’s not going to work well. In addition to efficacy concerns, these products have a higher rate of side effects such as skin irritation, tremors, drooling etc… The same concept holds true for generic products – yes, the active ingredient may be the same, however the inactive “carrier” molecule plays just as big of a role – these molecules are in charge of allowing the product to absorb correctly – and the cheaper generics often times have inferior carrier molecules, and don’t work as well.

Every pet you have must be on a reputable product in order for all the pets to be protected as a group – even if you have a cat that “doesn’t get fleas because they never go outside,” they must be on a good product to keep them from becoming the living “food source” for fleas to reproduce off of.

If your pet gets fleas – see the treatment section for tips on correcting your flea problem.

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