Procedure Day Expectations

The day of the dental procedure you should expect the following;

1- Ultrasonic scaling (cleaning), full oral exam, probing for periodontal pockets, and polishing.

2- The recommendation of full mouth x-rays to evaluate all teeth, their root structures, and underlying jaw bone. These not only help document all health concerns, but are required any time tooth extractions are occurring.

3- Discussion (over the phone) of findings from exam and x-rays, treatment options, treatment cost, and expected outcome.

4- Most treatments would be performed the same day, or depending on the level of disease, a future procedure may be scheduled to address all concerns.

Unfortunately, often times dental procedures result in discovery of major hidden issues potentially including the recommendation for tooth extractions. With this comes costs that were perhaps not initially expected. Sometimes the cost is minimal, other times, with severe disease, costs can become significant. While treatment costs are not the only factor in deciding what to do, we realize these unexpected expenses can be stressful. For this reason, please discuss any financial concerns with the doctor prior to the procedure. We recommend at least to expect the cost of the dental cleaning/anesthesia package along with the cost of full mouth x-rays. Anything beyond those expenses may not be clear until the cleaning and evaluation is completed. At that time, as stated above, the doctor would call you mid-procedure to discuss.

Our goal is to provide you with the best dental care for your pet, helping to improve their oral and overall health, as well as improving their quality of life long term by eliminating inflamed gingiva, infected oral tissue and painful teeth.

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