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Dental Procedure Consent Form – Required For All Dental Procedures
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Since the oral cavity cannot be extensively evaluated in an awake pet, routine dental cleanings, when compared to other procedures, (spay/neuter/mass removals etc.) do have a higher probability of encountering the need to address unexpected concerns. For this reason, we’d like you to read this consent form and choose how you would like us to approach unexpected diseased teeth. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this form or procedure.

American Veterinary Dental College

Our clinic website has a dental section that has information that is easy to understand as well as specific information about Commonwealth’s goal for your pet’s oral health. If you desire more details, the American Veterinary Dental College is a great resource for detailed information about veterinary dentistry. If your pet requires advanced or specialized dental care for difficult dental disease, one of our veterinarians will make the appropriate recommendation to a veterinary dental specialist.

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